Chin Augmentation (Mentoplasty)

Mentoplasty or chin augmentation is the procedure for altering the size and shape of the chin to achieve facial balance and proportion. This procedure can involve as little as soft tissue augmentation through injection of synthetic or biological products. It normally uses local anesthesia and usually lasts about an hour. Sometimes, however, when using general anesthesia, a 1- or 2-day stay at the clinic may be required. In addition to this procedure, you may also opt for a jaw or cheek augmentation to better enhance the facial features.

Is mentoplasty for you?

With our patients' well-being foremost on our minds, we require an individual to be in good health, without any active or pre-existing medical conditions such as a bone disorder.

Chin Augmentation With Own Fat

Instead of a synthetic implant or filler, autologous (your own) fat extracted from the abdomen by a minor liposuction reshapes the chin by being inserted and grafted into areas in the chin to achieve a nicer shape.

Chin Liposuction (Submental Liposuction)

This is the way to go to reduce or remove a double chin. It can be combined with a jowl or jawline liposuction in a V-face contouring procedure at our clinic.