Fat Graft/Transfer

This procedure of augmenting areas in the body with a person's own fat extracted by liposuction instead of a synthetic implant is fast becoming well-known to be very safe. It can be used to enhance the shape, size, and looks of the buttocks, the chin, the breasts, the laugh lines, the hips, and depressed scars. Of course, this happens with a liposuction.


One of the most common plastic surgery procedures, liposuction deals with the areas of the body where fats are usually stored, despite proper diet and exercise. It creates remarkable changes to the body's contour by eliminating bulges of fat from different areas of the body, with negligible marks, a quick recovery time, and no changes to skin color. This procedure is usually done with local anesthesia for small areas and sometimes general anesthesia for harder-to-reach or larger areas.

We do liposuction on the following areas :

  • Abdomen (lower, upper, or both)
  • Arms
  • Back
  • Chin (with or without augmentation)
  • Hips
  • Love handles
  • Thighs (inner and outer)

A liposuction is always required in a fat transfer procedure.

Is liposuction for you?

We offer several liposuction techniques, all of which minimize bruising and swelling for a relatively easy procedure on the patient.

Liposuction is not for people who are overweight or obese, as liposuction is a reshaping procedure and not a weight loss program. Candidates for liposuction need to have firm, elastic skin and need to be in good health. It is also suggested that the patients try to do away with their bulges through diet, exercise, and weight loss programs before considering liposuction.

Tummy Tuck

We do tummy tuck, which comes with a full abdominal liposuction procedure.

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